Module 3 of the Public Service Pay Commission Engage to Change study with serving members of the Permanent Defence Forces is now underway  



The purpose of the study is to collect information on issues relating to recruitment and retention of members of the Permanent Defence Forces and it will include an online survey and interviews. The study is being conducted by Research Matters on behalf of the Public Service Pay Commission. 


 An invitation which contains a link to the study will be issued directly to of serving members of the Permanent Defence Forces included in this study. This invitation will issue directly through the HR branch of the Defence Forces.


While there may be no direct benefit to you in participating in this study, the findings from the study will provide an opportunity to help influence policy in the area of recruitment and retention of Defence Forces personnel.  


There are no foreseeable risks to you participating in this study. However, if you are affected by the topics raised during the interview, you are entitled to access support. Please contact the researcher for further details. 


You cannot participate in this study if you are not a serving member of the Permanent Defence Forces or if you are a member of the specialist streams previously included in the study.


You are not required to provide any personal information to take part in the survey part of this study.

 If you are interested in taking part in a short telephone interview, you will be asked to provide your name, telephone number and email contact at the end of the survey. If you are then randomly selected to take part in an interview, you will be sent additional information about the study and you will be asked to include your name and contact details at the end of the interview consent form. However, your identity will remain confidential. You will be given a code and pseudonym for the analysis and report. A pseudonym is a fake name that will be used. Identifiable data will be retained for a minimum of five years after the completion of the study.


All electronic data will be stored on a password protected computer in the office of Research Matters and retained for a minimum period of five years. Any identifiable information will be separated from the data and held in a password-controlled file and securely destroyed as soon as the data collection phase of the study is complete. All hard copy forms with identifying information, including the informed consent form and interview transcript, will be kept in a locked storage cabinet that only the research team have access to. Any electronic data files, including email correspondence will be stored on a computer that is password protected and can only be accessed by the research team. This will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.



This study is covered by standard institutional indemnity insurance. Nothing in this document restricts or curtails your rights.



If you decide to volunteer to participate in this study, you may withdraw at any time up to the point of data analysis. If you decide not to participate, or if you withdraw, you will not be penalised and will not give up any benefits that you had before entering the study.



You understand that the investigators may withdraw your participation in the study at any time without your consent.



You can get more information or answers to your questions about the study, your participation in the study, and your rights, from Dr. Sinead Hanafin who can be telephoned at 086 383 7563 or emailed at If the study team learns of important new information that might affect your desire to remain in the study, you will be informed at once.